Jaycee would like to thank all of the wonderful people at the Musician's Hall of Fame. Thank you for always making playing there an unforgettable experience.  It's wonderful to be able to work with such great professionals. A special thanks to Jay for all of his hard work. For anyone who hasn't visited, check it out!

From Jaycee :

Jaycee with guitar legend and new friend: James Burton. 

Whiskey Don't Love Me is now available wherever you download or stream music!

Here is a clip of my single "Ride The Tide" playing at The Ernest Tubb Record Shop.  I was truly honored to perform on the stage all the legends graced.  Nothing like the feeling and then hearing my song played throughout the Record Shop.

A couple pictures from my 5th appearance at the Storyteller's Museum (Next to Johnny Cash's Hideaway Farm)

Mark Alan Cash- nephew of Johnny Cash featured in the photo to the left

Jaycee Lynne sings "Till I Can Make It On My Own", made famous by Tammy Wynette. Featuring Tim Atwood on piano, Ric Boyer on bass, Mike Baker on guitar, Steve Hinson on steel guitar, Dina Johnson on drums, and Tristian Atwood on percussion.

Jaycee Lynne

Below is a picture from the Commodore Grille in Nashville, TN.  Always an honor to play on that stage!